Saturday, January 5, 2013

Merry Christmas and Happy New Years

This Christmas was very nice. We had a good visit with Trev's sister and her family for about 5 days, I got to see my sister Alicia and her husband Cam and their brand new baby boy Grayson who is absolutely adorable! From there we went to my Grandpa and Grandma's whom I haven't seen in close to two years. I had missed them dearly and it was so nice to see them. From there we headed to my Mom and Dad's house for about a week as well. We spent Christmas with them and my sister Alicia, Cam and Grayson, as well as Noël and her boyfriend Courtney and his son Conor all came on boxing day. We all had a very nice visit for the week. Trev, the boys and I went into Saskatoon to visit Trev's family, it was so nice seeing grandma, all of the aunt and uncles, cousins and their children. We haven't seen any of them in a long time.

The journey was coming to an end, and it was time to start back home. We left Kindersley on the 28th and headed to Medicine Hat to see my Grandparents and spend the night with them, we don't get to see them much so I wanted to see them as much as I could. They put on a nice Christmas dinner on the 29th and my entire family made it except my brother Jeremy, his wife Robin and their son Cash couldn't be there. My Auntie Kathy and Uncle Warren came as well as my cousin Lindsay and her two children all came for dinner. It was very nice to see everyone. We tried to see as many people as we could but the time goes by so fast. We did get to have lunch with a couple of friends that we've been talking to online, Caley and Obed. Caley also has Lyme Disease so it was very nice to meet her and compare our symptoms and what has been working for her and I. It's always nice to meet other people that you can relate with and talk to about how you are feeling and have them understand. Her husband Obed grew up with Trevor but they hadn't seen each other in many years so it was a nice reunion for them. It truly is a small world but we made two very good friends once again. I didn't get to see any of my friends while we were out in Kindersley which I am bummed about but hopefully we can make another trip back so I can have a good visit with everyone. After leaving Medicine Hat we stopped in Lethbridge and saw Trevor's Auntie Kim and Uncle Paul, and then a dear friend Christine that evening for a coffee. By then it was about 9:00 p.m. and we headed back to Trev's sister, Kelley's place. We stayed the night there and got up about 7:30 and headed on the road to home. We drove the rest of the trip that Sunday the 30th. Even though it was a long trip we made a few stops so it didn't feel as long and we made it home that night to sleep in our beds.

As for me and my Lyme disease, I have been doing pretty good lately. The two new meds that I started, Flagyl drip and Amino Acids drip on the weekends have been going good but I am dealing with a lot of arthritic pain. I'm not entirely sure if this is from the Flagyl or another med that I was prescribed. My knees hurt so bad that when I get down on the floor, I can barely get back up again. My entire back is in a lot of pain and all of my joints. I have pain meds which don't seem to be helping this pain at all, I've tried Epsom Salt baths, heating pads, cold compresses and nothing seems to be working.

Another major symptom that I can't seem to get under control or figure out what is causing it is while I'm asleep. I am sleep talking, continuously all night, sleep walking, I go to the dresser and start going through my clothes, I sit up and do different things as if I'm actually awake and I don't remember any of it. I mentioned this in my last post as well. I have adjusted the meds that I thought were causing it and nothing seems to be working. I have a doctor appointment with Dr.Steven Harris on January 10, 2013 and I'm really looking forward to it. He seems to have all the answers and knows how to get my symptoms under control.

A few other symptoms that I'm still dealing with is fatigue, I'd love to have more energy and I deal with brain fog a lot, especially while switching medications so we will see how this next appointment goes. I have no idea what Dr.Harris is going to do with my medications. I am still dealing with shakiness, it usually shows up in my hands first. If I have a panic attack, which happens very frequently, I get shaky, I have the sweats and it's very hard to calm down enough to stop it. If I eat something or have a drink the shakiness seems to lessen.

These symptoms are horrible to deal with but it can always be worse so I take it with a grain of salt. This is the best I've been doing in a very long time. I can walk and talk, bathe myself and take care of my kids, I can drive again and even concentrate enough to read a good book. Hopefully things will continue to look up! I have these 2 adorable boys that keep me going and make me continue on!

I want to thank those of you that have made a donation. Everything helps in paying for my medications and supplies. None of my IV medications nor any of my supplies are covered under my insurance. So again, from myself and my family, we are all extremely grateful for your donations!